Get your Google Analytics data with fewer clicks

It shouldn't take 45 clicks to get your data!

Website analytics programs are wonderful tools for researching user behavior for your website. There is a wealth of valuable information buried in systems such as Google Analytics and if you are an analyst or a researcher you can spend countless hours digging into the subtleties of user behavior, looking for ways to optimize content. Unfortunately, in a recent test, it took 45 clicks to get access to get just the basic metrics of a small business website. If you aren't an analyst or a researcher, you aren't going to want to spend hours of your precious time researching your website traffic. We'll show you how you can get your web traffic delivered to you in an easy to understand single dashboard.

Most of my customers just want the basics. They need to be kept abreast of how many people are visiting their sites; how many pages are being viewed; what the most popular content is; where their users are coming from ... etc. They don't have a lot of time to spend doing this, but the data is, nonetheless, important.

As an experiment, I tasked someone with finding the basics in Google Analytics. I wanted to see what it took to:

  • Get the number of page views, users, and visions for yesterday, the last week, and the last month
  • Get a trend of daily page views, visits, and users for the last 90 days
  • Get a trend of monthly page views, visits, and users for the last year
  • Get a list of the most viewed content for yesterday, the last week, and the last month
  • List which countries have attracted visitors over the last quarter
  • List which states have attracted visitors over the last quarter

This isn't a small list, but it is also not complex data. These are, what I would consider, the basics for understanding your website traffic.

Getting all of this information took 45 clicks. That's right ... 45 clicks! And the information had to be written down one value at a time (or copied and pasted) into a single document to share.

It shouldn't be that hard to get at your data - not if you just want the basic summary. With Dollar Dashboards™ you get all of this information in a single view. You'll get an email sent to you each day with most of this information neatly packaged in an easy to read summary. We'll even throw a little bit of AI in there to give you some analysis of your data... so we're up to zero clicks. If you're looking for more, you want to see the charts and graphs, just click on the link to your online dashboard and you can see the full report with all of the important data, historical trends, event maps of where your visitors came from. That's one click. (Okay, maybe two or three if you need to log in.)

The following animation shows all of the steps (at high speed) needed to get all of the information from Google Analytics. All of this information is compiled effortlessly in a Dollar Dashboard.